Fun stuff without the hassle

At the ABLE TRAVELLER we want to do two things.  Excite you about the whole world of accessible travel opportunities out there, and get your help in answering the questions that differently abled people are asking.

Travel can open your eyes, help you learn who you are, build your understanding of the world and open doors to new relationships and friendships.  And at we are going to make it easier than you might think.

I know about the rewards and challenges of journeying disabled as I was my brother Leonard’s travelling buddy for many, many trips. Leonard had Duchenne muscular dystrophy – a disorder of the muscles that is degenerative and generally means to get about, you need a wheelchair.

Leonard also had a fantastic sense of adventure.  Together we travelled on camping and hotel holidays all over our native Australia. We also tripped across New Zealand and, for one incredible 6 week period, drove and holidayed in Great Britain and Ireland.

Like anyone who has travelled in a wheelchair, or is challenged on accessible travel in other ways, we met some distinct challenges on these holidays.  Booking the right flight, booking support at the airport, figuring out how to get on and off.   And that’s before we have taken off!   And then there’s the car hire and finding wheelchair friendly hotels or B & Bs, and the attractions and finding the public loos that work.  There’s a lot to think about.

Leonard and me from waaaayyy back

But it’s also fantastic fun!

Luckily for me, Leonard was a great researcher, and he taught me that the difference between a good holiday and a great one is good information.  To know well is to travel well.   And that’s where comes in.  Our writers are our travellers and our travellers are our writers.  With us, you can find out what you need to know, and if you know something that will help someone make a good choice, then we need to hear from you.

Happy reading, happy travelling.

Pete, The Editor